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♡ Corrupted Thorns - Male & Female Tattoo Texture ♡

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🥀 Zin Fit Base by zinpia
🥀Rp Base by zinpia
🥀Pandas Female Base by pandaabear
🥀Blossoms Male Base by programblossom > NEWEST VERSION, DOES NOT WORK ON OLD UV MAPS
🥀Ace Base by Misty#5555
🥀Some Handmade Procreate Brushes by HanahDigitalDesigns
🥀Avatars for showcase used Kedana by _icy_vr, not released avatar (will be linked after release) by ryleesound and Sugar by smol_uni

♡ Click on the bases/avis to visit the lovely peoples shops ♡

🥀 Bases and avatars not included! 🥀
🥀 All the textures have light differences due to them being hand drawn, please have a look before purchase

🥀 Please read the information on the gumroad page and in the package before asking any questions 🥀
🥀 Please have basic Unity knowledge before acquiring this product 🥀

🥀Hand drawn 4k tattoos made by me

🥀Made in Substance painter, Procreate and Paint Tool Sai 2 🥀
🥀 No copyrighted images, artworks and tattoos from Google or any other website used 🥀

🥀 All regular bundles include textures and items listed below! Poiyomi Version 8.1.021 🥀

🥀 3 different skin tones → Light, medium and dark (Made by the corresponding artists of the bases, Pandaabase skin made by me)
🥀 12 Textures with skin - 4 for each skin tone (Versions with black hands and feet/ no black hands and feet and the same versions in white)
🥀 Just the tattoos WITH NO SKIN for easy base skin switching → 2 Black and 2 White
🥀 Preset Unity Package with Materials to make it look like in the video / pictures → 11 materials! Black Leather, Blue Chrome, Blue Sky, Dark Sunset, Dark Red, Fire Phoenix, Neon Lights, Purple Dream, Red Dream, Space and Toxic Green
🥀 2 Emission map/masks for fun customisations
🥀 1 Normal Map
🥀 Cute nail designs for all female bases
🥀 Organised Folder & Package
🥀 Instructions/Settings
🥀 Cute cat pictures

🥀 Artist Bundle include 🥀

🥀Everything listed in the -regular bundles-
🥀11 Alphas and 9 PNGS
You are allowed to make your own textures with those images and alphas just don't trade, copy my texture, share or leak those images on it's own, even if you modified in any way, don't claim the images as yours!

🥀 Please credit me "Uni#1369 or smol-uni and the link to the item" when ever you use those textures or assets.
🥀 Those assets and textures are allowed to be used on any type of model free, public, private or for selling.
🥀 You are allowed to use my textures for showcase purposes if you credit me.
🥀 Please don't sell, trade, share or leak those textures and assets on it's own, even if you modified in any way.
🥀This texture is made for aesthetic purposes and is not meant to hurt any religions, identities or in what people believe.
🥀Don't claim as your own.
🥀 Removing my watermark is strictly prohibited if one is provided.
🥀Copying my work is strictly prohibited!
🥀 No refunds.
🥀The customer acknowledges that it is their responsibility to thoroughly read and understand the product or service description, including any associated documentation, instructions, or disclaimers provided.
🥀 I will make reasonable efforts to provide clarification or answer customer queries regarding the product or service description. However, it is the customer's responsibility to seek such clarifications before making a purchase or using the product or service.
🥀 Please enter all details correctly when checking out or it will lead to me revoking your license.

Those textures are allowed to be used on/in any other vr platforms if you or the platforms do not break the TOS listed above.
I don't take any liability and responsibility if after the transfer to a different platform the product looks different, looses quality or does not work anymore, my work is made for VRChat in the first place!

If you have any questions feel free to message me on discord:
Uni#1369 or smol_uni

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🥀 Hand drawn 4k tattoos for the bases listed above


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♡ Corrupted Thorns - Male & Female Tattoo Texture ♡

31 ratings
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