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♡ Sensuous Womb Tattoos ♡

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~°♡°~◇◇××◇◇~°♡°~--Sensuous Womb Tattoos--~°♡°~◇◇××◇◇~°♡°~
°♡°This craving will soon be sated.°♡°

♡ 100% from scratch, hand painted 4k womb tattoos for all your needs ♡
♡ Made in Paint Tool Sai 2♡
♡ No copyrighted images, artworks and tattoos from Google or any other website used ♡

~°♡°~◇◇××◇◇~°♡°~--Sensuous Womb Tattoos include--~°♡°~◇◇××◇◇~°♡°~
30 PNG files + 1 PSD file
5 Different swatches → Blue & Green, Darkblue & Green, Green & Brown, Orange & Purple and Pink & Purple
♡ Emissions for each tattoo

♡ Please credit me "Uni#1369 and the link to my shop" when ever you use those PNGS ♡
♡ Those PNGS are allowed to be used on any type of model or asset free, public, private or for selling ♡
♡ Please don't sell, trade or leak those PNGS on it's own, even if you modified in any way ♡
♡This PNG is made for aesthetic purposes and is not meant to hurt any religions or in what people believe ♡

Copying my work is strictly prohibited! 
Those textures are allowed to be used on/in any other vr platforms if you or the platforms do not break the TOS listed above.
I don't take any liability and responsibility if after the transfer to a different platform the product looks different, looses quality or does not work anymore, my work is made for VRChat in the first place!

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Womb Tattoos ♥


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♡ Sensuous Womb Tattoos ♡

504 ratings
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