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♡ Sugary Sweet Menu Icons - 111 pieces ♡

89 ratings

♡ Call me cute and feed me sugar ♡

111 cute icons
2k x 2k PNG icons made in Procreate and Paint Tool Sai
Hand painted + brushes by Attki

Species Parts & Sets: Angel Wings, Angel Set, Halo, Cow Ears and Horns, Cow Tail, Cow Set, Demon Horns, Demon Tail, Demon Wings, Demon Set, Cat Ears, Fluffy Ears, Long Ears, Tail, Ears and Tail Set, Elven Ears, Human Ears, Human Ear, Floppy Puppy Ears, Fluppy Puppy Tail, Pup Set, Puppy Ears, Puppy Tail, Puppy Set, Siren Ears, Siren Tail, Siren Set, Butterfly Wings, Cat Tail

Clothing and Shoes: Ankle Boots, Bathing Suit, Boots, Bra, Dress, Flip Flops, Garter Belt, Hat, Heart Sweater, Heels, Normal Panties, Pantie, Panties, Pants, Pasties, Shorts, Skirt, Slippers, Sneaker, Socks, Thong, Top Switch, Top, Underwear Set, Zipper, Zipper and Top.

Accessories: Backpack, Bandaid, Bat, Bear hat, Bow, Bow2, Bracelet, Choker, Ear with Piercings, Fan, Glasses, Hair clip, Hair Pins, Handcuffs, Hat, Lollipop, Mask, Necklace, Paws, Pen, Phone, Piercing, Rings, Scrunchy, Tiara, Umbrella, Vape.

DPS: Boobjob, Booty, Kitty, DPS Icon, Feet, Mouth, Nacked, Right Hand, Left Hand.

Followers: Bat, Bee, Cat (Cat Drop, Size, Full Plush), Panda, Puppy, Robot

Misc: Bone, Carrot, Coathanger, Comb, Empty, Eyes, Light, Multiple Hair Icons, NO, Pillow, Pole, Ponytail, Spring Joint.

Icons can be combined with any icon sets or my other icon sets:

♡ Please credit me "Uni#1369" and the link to the item when ever you use those icons ♡
♡ Those icons are allowed to be used on any type of model free, public, private or for selling ♡
Please don't sell, trade, leak or give out those icons on their own, even if you modified them in any way!
♡ You are allowed to use those icons on other things as well like assets, props or textures ♡
Copying my work is strictly prohibited! 
Those textures are allowed to be used on/in any other vr platforms if you or the platforms do not break the TOS listed above.
I don't take any liability and responsibility if after the transfer to a different platform the product looks different, looses quality or does not work anymore, my work is made for VRChat in the first place!

If you visit my Discord you can grab yourself a fully free "Among Us" icon in the style of this set!

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111 Cute Menu Icons

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♡ Sugary Sweet Menu Icons - 111 pieces ♡

89 ratings
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