*UPDATED* Handpainted body textures for Pandaabear's female base

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Some 5k x 5k body base textures~
Fits the old, new, heeled and flat foot female base


♥ soft blushed version

♥ blushed version 

♥ blushed version with beauty marks 

Please credit me "Uni#1369" when ever you use those textures!
The "female base" which is perfect for full body tracking by Pandaabear that those textures are made for you'll find on his Gumroad

It is allowed to be used on any type of model free or for selling! 
You are allowed to use my textures for showcase purposes if you credit me
Please don't sell this texture, even if modified in any way!
If you wanna re use it or modify it and put on your gumroad or other sites please make it free and don't charge money for my work!

Which means if you are making payed textures using my skin base you are not allowed to sell it with the package or this will result in a DMCA takedown.
Removing my watermark is strictly prohibited! 

Copying my work is strictly prohibited! 
Those textures are allowed to be used on/in any other vr platforms if you or the platforms do not break the TOS listed above.
I don't take any liability and responsibility if after the transfer to a different platform the product looks different, looses quality or does not work anymore, my work is made for VRChat in the first place!


(Pose by Sam)

I want this!

3 x Body base textures PNG (5k x 5k)


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*UPDATED* Handpainted body textures for Pandaabear's female base

446 ratings
I want this!